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Erstwhile Chibis

Erstwhile 1 Princess Chibis. I like to think they hang out sometimes 😉

Snow White & Rose Red

Snow White & Rose Red from Erstwhile. I’ve been dying to draw these two for a while and the holidays seemed like a good opportunity 🙂

Sketchavember Day 30: Monday & Foyle

Sketchavember Day 30: Monday & Foyle Sketchavember began with my girls about to kiss, so I figured I should end with some symmetry.

Sketchavember 29

Sketchavember Day 29: Moon Cats Quick lil’ brush pen & watercolor sketch, tinted into better colors with the help of Photoshop.

Sketchavember 27

Sketchavember Day 27: “So? How’s it taste?” Foyle is many things but a baker is not one of them. I feel for you, Monday.

Sketchavember 27: Knifehead

Sketchavember Day 28: Knifehead Happy US Thanksgiving! Please enjoy chibi kaiju + pie.

Sketchavember 26

Sketchavember 26: Marcus Quick sketch of my scowly lion.

Sketchavember: 25

Sketchavember Day 25: Royal Chick I enjoy the little chicken that bonds with Valdis. It’s going to be the sassiest little chicken in all the land. (More Singing…

Sketchavember: 24

Sketchavember Day 24: Monday portrait Slightly more realistic sketch of Monday. She has way too much of my facial structure going on, oops.

Sketchavember: 23

Sketchavember Day 23: Ten (& Rabbit) Still my favorite doctor.

Sketchavember Day 22: Svetla and Marcus You know what I need to draw more of? These two being adorable.

Sketchavember 21

Sketchavember Day 21: I’m feeble and feverish and yet I still feel like I could take over the world right now. THANKS, PACIFIC RIM <3

Sketchavember 20: Stormer

Sketchavember Day 20: Stormer When I was a little kid I had a Jem and a Stormer doll. Stormer was by FAR my favorite, which is only right…

Sketchavember: 19

Sketchavember Day 19: Rose Caught the tail end of season 1 on TV tonight, reminded yet again how awesome that finale was.

Sketchavember 18: Gothic Owlita

Sketchavember Day 18: Baby the Owls Shine Bright.