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Drawcember 22-25

Final batch of Drawcembers! Jane (from Jane the Virgin), Lundy (In an Absent Dream), Miriam (Comics Will Break Your Heart), Artemis (Lore Olympus), Marzell (Spellcheck)

Drawcember 17-20:

Drawcember 17-20: Pearl (Steven Universe), Grace (Terminator: Dark Fate), Sailor Jupiter (Sailor Moon), and Rosa Diaz (Brooklyn 99)

Drawcember 16: Yasha

Drawcember 16: Yasha from Critical Role

Drawcember 13-15

Drawcember 13-15 Characters portrayed are Shiva (Girl from the Other Side), Youko Nakajima (12 Kingdoms), Lenalee (D. Grayman)

Drawcember 9-12

Drawcember days 9-12: Carole & Tuesday (Carole & Tuesday), Mii-Kun (How to Keep a Mummy), Sea-Ra (Shera and the Princesses of Power), and Nicole Byers (Nailed it!) A…

Drawcember 8: Nott the Brave

Day 8 of Drawcember: Nott the Brave  🙂

Drawcember: 5-7

Drawcember 2019 posting train continues! Days 5-7: Ochako (My Hero Academia), Nora Allen-West (The Flash), Tahani Al Jamil (the Good Place) I really enjoy looking back at these…

Drawcember 4: Lio Fotia

Day 4: Lio Fotia from #promare

Drawcember 3: Chise Hatori

Day 3: Chise Hatori from Ancient Magus Bride This series has been such a favorite of mine ☺️

Drawcember 2: Olivier Armstrong

Day 2 of #drawcember : Olivier Armstrong from FMA. I love her.

Drawcember 1: Sakura Kinomoto

Day 1 of a partial #drawcember: Sakura Kinomoto from Card Captor Sakura Clear Card. Love the floofy wing themed outfit ☺️o