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Spooky Sketch Night

jeanne-de-valois: A very spoooooky art break with @elleskinner

Haruka & Michiru angst – for Holligay

docholligay: Happy birthday! May you have your fill of all the delicious angst your fandoms can provide! I loved so many of your prompts, but the quote “sometimes…

Magic Knight Rayearth sketch night

jeanne-de-valois: Drawing hangout with the lovely @elleskinner devolved quickly into MAGIC KNIGHT RAYEARTH TIME

Like a Lion

“Like a Lion” Rei practicing traditional Japanese archery for @docholligay’s Same Prompt Party! The prompt was “like a lion” and I wanted to translate that into something visually…

Animal Sweater Sunday: Treefrog

A ponderous tree frog in a cozy winter cardi for animal sweater sunday this week! He’s giving me Batman vibes and I have NO idea why (but I’m…

Animal Sweater Sunday: Capybara

A chill capybara for this week’s Animal Sweater Sunday 🙂

allidrawscomics: RSS Feeds! Have you heard of RSS feeds? I use Feedly to keep track of all the webcomics I follow. Want to be notified whenever a comic…

Animal Sweater Sunday: Tortoise

Animal Sweater Sunday! A turtle in a turtleneck this week. I don’t usually gravitate to such bold colors and I had a lot of fun with them 🙂


“Dive” My piece for @docholligay’s February Same Prompt Party! The theme was Ami + Love and Other Four Letter Words. Love is not a person here so much…

Tiny Painting: Prinny

A Prinny for Fanart Friday on twitter ages ago. I still like this one quite a bit 😊

Owl Finches

Owl Finches! Twitter requested more watercolor birds so more watercolor birds it is! I found these little guys when searching for a different bird and they were so…

Animal Sweater Sunday: Badger

Animal Sweater Sunday! This week’s critter is a badger because I found reference art of one with the sweetest little face and it demanded drawing.

Princess Tutu

Tutu & Kraehe Sometimes you just want the ballerinas to kiss. Well, almost kiss. I can get behind almost any pairing permutation you like in Princess Tutu, but…

Tiny Painting: Peep Aarakocra

Tiny watercolor commission of a peep aarakocra! Tiny marshmallow warrior is fierce 😆 #watercolors #dndart #dnd #dndfighter #peepart #aarakocra #commission

Animal Sweater Sunday: Dog

Happy Animal Sweater Sunday! This week’s critter is a chill pup in a chill sweater. With all the green I feel like I maybe am doing March art…

Animal Sweater Sunday: Opossum

It’s Animal Sweater Sunday! Please enjoy this cozy opossum in a sweater vest.