Year: 2022

Fanart Friday: Spy x Family

Spy x Family for fanart Friday 🙂 I’ve fallen hard for this anime, everyone is so cute! Anya has her peanuts because of course

Star Girlfriends

Two star gals being gal pals together :3 Sometimes you just want to draw girls smooching!

Tiny Painting: Sailor Cosmos

Sailor Cosmos was the theme for Wednesday night drawing night. I love her costume and all of the little feather details and I thought it might be fun…

Tiny Painting: Buttons

Since “Our Flag” won the Fanart Friday poll on twitter I’m determined to work my way through most of the cast. Buttons is already such a cartoon character…

Fanart Friday: Lucius

“Our Flag Means Death” won a fanart Friday poll on twitter so I’ve endeavored to paint my way through most of the cast. Lucius was first up because…

Tiny Painting: Yotsuba

Yotsuba was the subject of a recent art night and my contribution was this happy teeny painting. I always love how big her smile is! She’s such a…

Vex and Trinket

Finished up this little Vex and Trinket sketch for myself, as a treat. Can you tell I’ve been binging a lot of Top Model recently with this pose?

2021 Art Summary

2021 Art Summary! I did a terrible job of keeping tumblr updated this year, but I made things! Things that weren’t even comic pages! Here is to making…