Stillforce Buddies

Jules Jourdain hugging a Slowpoke for @alkcomics because we spent all day catching Slowpokes for community day and this is how my brain works XD

Tiny Paintings: Hellboy & Abe

Happy Fanart Friday! Hellboy won the tiny painting poll so hereโ€™s a wee HB and Abe to see you off into the weekend :3

2022 Monsters & Dames

One of the fun things about being in Emerald City Comic Con is the ability to try out for the Monsters and Dames charity artbook. The theme is…

Narrative Gestures 3/4/23

Highlights from the most recent session of @narrativegesturesseattle ! I’m really happy with how expressive the long poses turned out ๐Ÿ˜€

Narrative Gestures 2/25/23

Highlights from the most recent @narrativegesturesseattle session! Really feeling good about the two longest poses this week (image 1 & 2)


Getting a feel for my new @caseformaking paints by putting color on some doodles ๐Ÿ™‚ Fountain pen and watercolor

Fujimoto and Granmamere

Fujimoto and Granmamere from Ponyo! The supremely ultimate tall and small romance, part of an illustration trade I did with @thegorgonist :3 I like to think Fujimoto had…

Tiny Paintings: Pokemon in Love

Clefairy and Gengar as a present for the Gorgonist :3 They are the sweetest pokemon boyfriends!

Figure Drawing Club 2/26/23

Highlights from the most recent session of @figuredrawingclub ! I felt like I was super struggling at the time, but I really dig how these turned out? Just…

Tiny Painting: Ponyo

Ponyo loves HAM! Teeny Ponyo from movie night a weekend or two ago.

Tiny Paintings: Paimon Pidgeon

One more horror themed valentine because once @rachelannmillar suggested it I couldn’t NOT.

Tiny Paintings: M3gan & Babadook

Happy Valentines ๐Ÿ’! Horror movies won my Fanart Friday poll on tumblr so I figured I’d get festive with it ๐Ÿ˜‰


Happy Valentineโ€™s! Celebrating this year by painting my girls being happy and cuddly and sweet <3

Narrative Gestures: 2/11/23

Highlights from the 2/11 session of @narrativegesturesseattle with @shawnaartmodel ! Front slide is one of my favorite drawings in forever, I love how it turned out ๐Ÿ™‚

Tiny Chespin

Tiny Chespin! The Pokemon Go community day last month put him on my mind and I thought Iโ€™d try my hand doing fanart :3

Narrative Gestures 2/4/23

Highlights from last night’s @narrativegesturesseattle with @shawnaartmodel & @peterclarke05 ! I had to miss the long poses but the 3s and 5s are some of my favorites this…