MerMay 2023: 04

Fourth and final mermaid in my mermay painting series for this year! The palette for this one was fuscia, teal, and golden yellow. It’s a combination much brighter…

Tiny Paintings: Rainbow Brite!

HAPPY FANART FRIDAY, WELCOME TO THE DEEP 80S Nolstagia was the theme for this month’s tiny painting poll over on tumblr and Rainbow Brite surprised the heck out…

Mermay 2023: 03

Week 3 of Mermay! A very curious merm peeking into a porthole. I wonder how strange the humans inside must seem? This week’s color palette was also analogous…

Mermay 2023: 2

Week 2 of Mermay! Week 1 was analogous colors so this week I chose contrasting colors. I usually avoid color contrast so it was a fun challenge for…

Chapter 1 Monday & Foyle

Setting up Missing Monday for reruns means I get to reread along with everyone else! I was charmed by the art in chapter 1 and got inspired to…

MerMay 2023: blue mermaid

Happy Mermay! I treated myself to this cool circle paper a little while ago and I thought this might be a fun project to use it for 🙂…

Opalescent Girl

Testing out my brand new circle paper from @caseformaking ! I went a little heavy on the shadows but I really like how the color palette turned out

Tiny Painting: Beau

Tiny Beau painting! My critter heart doesn’t play favorites but I do miss painting the series 2 cast quite a bit 😊

Tiny Watercolors: Tulip & Poppy

Tulip & Poppy, one of my favorite couples from Love Not Found :3 They’re such cutie pies in the comic so I went as cute as possible here!

Watercolor Sketch

Watercolor sketch time! Painting up a doodle to get a feel for my new palette from @goodhoneyhandmade ! These colors layer so smooth

Princess Tutu sketch

Princess Tutu sketching! I got to have actual café time this morning to hang out and paint. It was a BLAST, especially when a wee kiddo started hovering…

Swimmer Girl

I found a cache of super old watercolor paper from the 90s in my art supplies so I sketched this as a test painting to see how the…

Tiny Painting: Harley!

Sometimes you rewatch Suicide Squad 2 and you just gotta paint tiny Harley in that floofy dress.

Tiny Paintings: Monday & Foyle

Twitter’s bidding farewell to polls for general users so I did one last Tiny Painting poll for the road over there. Y’all are ridiculous so Missing Monday won…


Just a few of my #FaveFaces from Missing Monday 🙂 Look at these nerds, I love them