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Artwork of characters from my own comics, stories, etc!

Star Girlfriends

Two star gals being gal pals together :3 Sometimes you just want to draw girls smooching!

Animal Sweater Sunday: Treefrog

A ponderous tree frog in a cozy winter cardi for animal sweater sunday this week! He’s giving me Batman vibes and I have NO idea why (but I’m…

Animal Sweater Sunday: Capybara

A chill capybara for this week’s Animal Sweater Sunday 🙂

Animal Sweater Sunday: Tortoise

Animal Sweater Sunday! A turtle in a turtleneck this week. I don’t usually gravitate to such bold colors and I had a lot of fun with them 🙂

Owl Finches

Owl Finches! Twitter requested more watercolor birds so more watercolor birds it is! I found these little guys when searching for a different bird and they were so…

Animal Sweater Sunday: Badger

Animal Sweater Sunday! This week’s critter is a badger because I found reference art of one with the sweetest little face and it demanded drawing.

Tiny Painting: Peep Aarakocra

Tiny watercolor commission of a peep aarakocra! Tiny marshmallow warrior is fierce 😆 #watercolors #dndart #dnd #dndfighter #peepart #aarakocra #commission

Animal Sweater Sunday: Dog

Happy Animal Sweater Sunday! This week’s critter is a chill pup in a chill sweater. With all the green I feel like I maybe am doing March art…

Animal Sweater Sunday: Opossum

It’s Animal Sweater Sunday! Please enjoy this cozy opossum in a sweater vest.

Star Crossed Lovers

“Star crossed lovers” A pop art ox and a neoclassical goddess can make it work, right? Inspired by this photo my friend took of a temporary sculpture exhibition…

Animal Sweater Sunday: Lovebirds

Happy Animal Sweater Sunday! It’s Valentine’s so why not some lovebirds for this week 🙂

Superb Owls

Yesterday was the day for superb owls so I painted some tawny fish owls to celebrate 🦉 I love their little muppet faces

Animal Sweater Sunday: Cat

Animal Sweater Sunday time! Critter this week is a little black cat in a soft wooly turtleneck.

Hourly Comic Day 2021

It’s hourly comic day today! Drawing an autobio comic for every hour I’m awake today! My work from home life is very exciting. Hourly comics have always been…

Animal Sweater Sunday: Deer

Happy Animal Sweater Sunday! This week’s critter is a cuddly little deer friend in a wooly pink sweater 🙂