RSS Feeds!

Have you heard of RSS feeds? I use Feedly to keep track of all the webcomics I follow.

Want to be notified whenever a comic updates? Look for this symbol. Click the link and copy the URL it sends you to. Feedly gives you a search bar you can put that URL into or you can try searching the comic by name. Then just add it to your feed! Everything on Webtoon and Hiveworks has this link, along with most other individual comic sites that I follow. I never miss updates and I don’t have to keep checking back to see if something has come back from hiatus because Feedly will tell me.

I haven’t used Feedly’s app but I know for a fact that they have one. Some people have told me they have trouble remembering to check my site for updates because they’re used to bookmarking their comics on apps BUT HEY LOOK YOU CAN TOTALLY DO THAT WITH MINE TOO 😀