Happy birthday! May you have your fill of all the delicious angst your fandoms can provide!

I loved so many of your prompts, but the quote “sometimes we want what we want even if we know it’s going to kill us” really latched onto me for Michiru.

Somehow my brain went from that quote to the idea of a very, very doomed fight where Michiru is determined if nothing else that Haruka is going to survive. Hopefully some day Haruka can forgive her for it.

I had to do this a very annoying and goofy way where I published it and then commented? Irritating. Anyway, YES, I also think of Michiru so much when I read that quote, which I love, which I suppose follows given I chose it. I love the broken mirror and all that implies, and Michiru’s missing show, that she doesn’t even care about. So into it, thank you so much!